The Value of CISO Certification

The Chief Information Security Officer is trained to lead your team of security experts, from analysts to engineers and everyone in between. Some of his or her key roles include creating strategic plans for security enhancements and management within an organization, facilitating and supervising response to security threats, and training staff on security compliance and understanding potential threats. One way to ensure your CISO is equipped to lead is by encouraging CISO certification. Certification is offered through various programs that work to not only enhance technical knowledge but also teach security management principles that are implemented by top CISO around the globe. As a staffing agency in Tampa Bay, FL, we focus on talent that has either pursued certification or is interested in advancing his or her career through CISO certification. Blackhawk Staffing strives to provide the best talent for companies in and around Tampa Bay, as well as help top talent pursue their career goals and see their skills advanced through training and certification.