Cyber Threat

How to Prevent a Cyber Threat

For many businesses, cyber threats are becoming more and more common. In the healthcare and government sectors, in particular, companies are facing ransomware threats, where cyber terrorists threaten to destroy data unless a ransom is paid. In these cases, the solution to cyber security often comes down to increasing the budget in order to pay the ransom. We believe there is a better way. Most ransomware occurrences happen because an untrained employee gets caught by a phishing scheme, clicking on a link that downloads a virus into their computer and, sometimes, the entire network. Employing highly trained cyber security experts, however, is the best solution to preventing a cyber threat. Instead of budgeting for the worst-case scenario, let Blackhawk Staffing connect you with top talent—IT employees who can mitigate your risk and train your staff to also be cyber security aware. The best way to deal with a cyber threat is to prevent it in the first place with excellent cyber security staffing.