Hiring Top Talent Is Quintessential.

To companies pursuing excellence, Blackhawk focuses on matching the right people with the right organizations. 



Identifying The Passive Candidate 

We are not merely a service forwarding resumes that other firms are all passing along. 

Our team of dedicated recruiters are networking, forging relationships that develop over time, and learning about what proven professionals are looking for to thrive at their job. 

We look only for passionate people who truly love what they do.  We identify their strengths and weaknesses to make sure we place them in environments where they will succeed.

Understanding Goals 

If you do not understand the personal goals or desires of top talent and organizations, then you're just hoping things work out. 


Years of staffing experience allows Blackhawk to guide our talent through a customized job search, which is our investment in the success of your company.

Making Sure No One Is Wasting Valuable Time 

A good recruiter should know a fit before an interview even takes place. 


By investing time on the front end of understanding an organizations culture, team environment, tasks at hand, and other nuances – and doing likewise with talent – our match succession rate is well above market average.

Time Management 

Blackhawk spends time up front with clients and talent, learns all goals, recognizes culture fits, and supports all ambition to make the right selection for you.


So you waste no time with candidates that are not a fit or filtering through a pile of resumes.


Instead, you will experience a streamlined process that is efficient and with long-term success.

Industry Knowledge 

Whether participating and supporting varrious industries, professional organizations and associations, continuing education related to focused niches, or fostering relationships with Subject Matter Experts who are our advisors in the field, we work together through your challenges, changes and wins.


Our experience shows that for every 3 candidates we present to a company, 2 will be interviewed and 1 will be offered the job.