Cyber Security Spending on the Rise as Threats Continue to Expand into New Sectors, Manufacturing

A recent report shows what many already know - private and public entities are increasing the attention and budget resources to protecting itself by investing in cyber security efforts. The reason is unfortunately because the scourge of threats continues to expand into new industries and sectors, with containment still far out on the horizon.

I found it interesting that the industrial sector's exposure to breaches changes the threat from simply a data theft to physical well being. I never thought of this.

Because the threat is physical danger, investments are being increased in that sector and rightfully so. Archaic control systems are still being used at many chemical, manufacturing and utility companies nationwide. These are easy targets, with the internet being the most common point of entry into unsecured ports.

So it is critical that manufacturing floors take public safety into consideration. From the altering to how chemicals and products are manufactured (purity and correct concoctions) to hackers figuratively throwing a "wrench in the system".

When you have automated heavy equipment working alongside humans, it's always a hazardous environment. Now with hackers moving focus to easier targets, think Stephen King's "Maximum Overdrive". It's technically possible!

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