Getting Back on Track: Using Aces To Rebuild

When economic downturns take place the unfortunate outcome, as we currently, layoffs and furloughs often follow as businesses focus on survival. It’s an unfortunate result. But there is an upside regarding talent acquisition: improving your company with talent that would otherwise be unavailable in a strong economy.

Talent defines each company and each department’s success. The better talent, the stronger your company becomes.

We see it healthcare and HIM. The COVID impact on the fiscal health of hospitals which impacted staffing in the health information niche’. HIM departments have huge backlogs, etc. At the same time, many of the nation’s best coders, clinical documentation specialists and other roles are ready to get back to work.

While we understand that things will eventually return to normal, and hopefully beyond, the point remains the same. Some of the most talented individuals are sitting on the sidelines.

Contract employees are a very useful tool for businesses. It has many benefits and flexibility that allow companies to grow with support when needed.

The other benefit is having access to free agent talent. There are opportunities to positively impact your company and your team.

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