Letting Great Talent Drive Your Success

Patience is a virtue. And being patient during a search for talent is even more difficult with the pressures of deadlines, overworked staff, and inability to serve customers with the thoroughness you would.

And when pressure is building up internally, patience is usually the first casualty.

Easier said than done, right?

Yesterday I listened to a podcast from Darren Hardy on management. He is a very strong supporter of "everyone needs to be an 'A' player".

Well, Fortune 500 companies would agree. In an article on Fox Business, the writer shared the concept: "Find the best talent and have the confidence to let them loose."

"The right talent makes a difference. Whether executives found them inside or outside their organizations in the form of external partners, they were often mentioned as part of the fix."

"Part of the fix". In this context, the fix is the talent. And that is why we at Blackhawk are always sharing with our clients the critical nature of talent.

Our advice, as shared with us from one of our business partners is simple: If you haven't found the right fit, the "A" candidate you need, take the time to get them. Better to be without personnel than to hire a lesser qualified candidate that can't serve the role as you need it to be served.

And if you do find the "A" candidate, look at it as an investment. You can't put a price on great talent. But you can put a price on the cost of having the wrong hire.

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