Leveraging your Relationships: Keep Growing Your Career

Today I share thoughts on the benefits of keeping a pulse on the job market and why it’s good to have a relationship with a career advisor.

First, the ole’ adage: The best time to find a job is when you have one.

What that means to me is simple:

1. You do not feel stressed about finding a job, nor do you have to rush into one, when you are gainfully employed.

2. How better to evaluate your current position than by comparing that to other open opportunities?

3. By working with a career advisor, you can get a sense of trends and directions the industry is heading, even if you are not ready to make a move at the moment.

4. Finally, it means that ultimately you are your best advocate, and you control your career.

The most common adversaries to learning more about career opportunities

1. Misguided loyalty: So many good folks worry about what their employer will do without them. Or feel bad leaving an employer even though the employer has made little effort to support the employee.

2. Fear of Job Security: There are good and bad times to search for a new job. Right now, is a very, very good time. First off, there is a huge shortage of talent and that dearth of talent is expected only to grow more. That mean the long-term job outlook is very strong. And secondly, I always remind people that no job is guaranteed forever. Especially if your employer lacks vision and innovation, or not building new relationships for example, then that company is vulnerable.

3. Things are what they are. Jobs in this industry are all the same: No they are not. Times are changing now and will continue as the war for talent begins in a growing industry. So do not short yourself when it comes to new ways of doing things.

Either way, changing jobs is stressful. But with the right advisor and guidance, the process becomes less daunting. And ultimately, you can grow into your career and make sure that you are treated well and compensated what you deserve.

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