Staffing Entering Politics....Makes Sense

As numerous candidates begin to throw their names into the hat for a 2020 Presidential Campaign, some have discussed the use of staffing companies to help bolster their national staffing needs.

It makes sense. Perfect sense actually. Especially to a personnel consultant that understands the needs of finding talent that is on a similar mission as an organization. This is where staffing can go sideways...or have a tremendous impact to the success of a campaigns goal.

Staffing organizations that are focused on mission based recruiting can simplify and expedite growth when two things happen. First, time is spent conveying the most important thing about an organizations' goals and mission. Second, finding like-minded individuals that can execute on that job.

As staffing has grown, many "recruiters" simply are searching for words in a resume that match those in a job requisition. Obviously computers can do this. That isn't going to help reach the end goal of having people on board with similar values and mindsets.

However, when the objective is to create a mission-centric organization, like a political campaign for example, it's important that people are truly vetted through conversations. Just putting a person in a role without understanding their end goals is a recipe for disaster. Talent is always essential to any organizations growth and success. And making sure that talent is on board with your visions and goals is quintessential to making that match a success.

With that statement, those working with the best agencies that understand this importance of mission based recruiting may have a tremendous advantage over those that are simply putting bodies in seats. Sometimes that is a necessity. But patience always pays major dividends when it comes to staffing.

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